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Avoid Flicker

A brief overview of issues caused by flickering or moving content.

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Macromedia Accessibility

Information about, and examples of, accessible content created with Macromedia products.

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Making Educational Software and Web Sites Accessible

Guidelines for creating accessible math- and science-oriented Web-based materials. Includes extensive examples about creating accessible images, forms, data tables and multimedia.

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NCAM Rich Media Accessibility: Captions

A collection of examples, tutorials, articles, and relevant specifications to help developers incorporate captions into rich media.

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NCAM Rich Media: Media Types Director

Examples, tutorials, articles, and relevant specifications to help developers create accessible content in Macromedia Director.

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Software and Web Accessibility Guideline 8: Math

Information about using MathML, audio, LaTeX and other technologies to make mathematical expressions accessible to all users.

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Vischeck: About Vischeck

Vischeck is a way of showing you what images look like to someone who is color blind.

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