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Adaptive Technology Resource Centre: University of TorontoA research-and-development group based at the University of Toronto. Areas of study include Web, multimedia and distance-learning accessibility, and software and hardware accessib…
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Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines 1.0Guidelines for Web-authoring tool developers, and information about assisting developers in creating an accessible authoring interface.
Curriculum for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0On-line curriculum that explains the Web Accessibility Initiative’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 (WCAG 1.0) and gives examples for its use.
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Evaluation, Repair, and Transformation Tools for Web Content AccessibilityA collection of evaluation, repair, and transformation tools useful for Web content developers and Web users who wish to make the Web more accessible.
IBM Developer GuidelinesAccessibility guidelines for software, hardware, Web, Java, Lotus Notes and peripherals.
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Macromedia AccessibilityInformation about, and examples of, accessible content created with Macromedia products.
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Sun Microsystems’ Accessibility Program: Java Accessibility Quick TipsNine points describing how to make Java applications accessible.
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Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL 2.0)The second version of the Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language. Defines an XML-based language that allows authors to write interactive multimedia presentations.
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